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This is a fantastic infographic!

Thank you! I will refer to this when people say I’m weird for not liking milk.

did it really take this to get nearly 50,000 people to realize that drinking milk is unnatural? We’re the only mammals that do so. The only milk we are supposed to drink are from our mothers as babies. That’s it. It amazes me how uneducated people are about this. A bit dissappointing honestly.

An hour used to be a long time, now it’s a heartbeat. In front of me laid endless time, now mere months that are no longer defined by a day or a single hour but by the nothingness that fills them. Time, it’s a lie, a conception by humans to facade an order to their wastefulness lives. Waiting to die, that’s all it is. Death is such an idea too, what happens when your heartbeat stops? No concept of time, no hours to pass by waiting for your life to end. Deeper and yet hollower this idea of life becomes, it’s like lying in the middle of the ocean, it’s empty yet full at the same time. That what life is like, floating. You might change an idea or a way of ‘floating’ but in the end there is no definitive purpose. No purpose in writing, no purpose in thinking, no purpose in loving, its all non-existent. How a mind can function independently is a lie, we as humans are all the same. Building lies to make other lies believable, when the lies and truths themselves are only concepts. Swallow the idea of ‘living’ and there’s nothing, regurgitate it and you have life; an unnecessary tale in which we are pulled into and tossed out of.

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For Every Flower Forced To Bloom, 2013 

digital film stills

i have never felt something as much as i am feeling this

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